What is 'Royalty-Free'?

Royalty-free is a type of purchase where you don't have to re-pay for services or product every time and get the one time royalty paid forever.

What is ’Rights-Managed’?

a) Rights-Managed images are images with a license on specific use. The fee is calculated from several factors including print run, size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution. At the time you order a rights-managed product, you need to submit information that will determine your licensing fee. Rights-managed products are identified by an (RM).

b) downloading you re allowed to use as per the usage specified at the time of purchase.

Will I be able to search without being registered?

Yes. You can search and view free images with watermark embodied, should you wish to access without a watermark; you need to complete proper registration procedure.

How do I get detailed information about an image?

To view in-depth information about an image, go to the Image Detail page by clicking any thumbnail image on the Search Results page or in your Lightbox. The Image Detail page provides complete information about an image, such as keywords associated with that image, file sizes and additional information.

How do I register to purchase?

You need to register by adding your mailing profile. If you are not yet registered, you would have to complete your mailing and billing profile as part of the image purchasing process.

How can I determine image prices?

Royalty-free: Price for royalty-free images are fixed for the file size/resolution.
Rights-Managed: To determine the price for rights-managed images, you must be fully registered on our site. Then send us the details of the usage, print run, image size, territory of use, exclusive or nonexclusive and we will send you a quote.

What are the ease modes of payment?

Currently, we are accepting payments through visa/mastercard & paypal .

How do I get an invoice?

The invoices would be emailed to your inbox once the item has been purchased

Does Imagesouk offer refunds?

Should you wish to request for a refund, contact us and we'd be happy to help for proper resolution to your problems.

How do I use photos in my projects?

When you download a photo on Imagesouk, you're purchasing a royalty-free license that gives you rights to use that particular photo in a wide variety of uses that includes: advertising, websites uploading, blogs and for presentations.

Can I modify Imagesouk images?

You are welcome to modify photos downloaded from Imagesouk. Feel free to crop, cut out, flip, rotate, add texts, edit colors, or apply any other creative effect you wish to do.

Can I change/amend my account details like my address, name and password once or after creating an account?

Yes, of course. Login to your account and select on 'Account Details' to amend changes.

Where can I view my subscription details?

Login to your account; select on 'Account Details' to get ‘Plan’ link to view details about your subscription with us.

I have problem downloading, what do I do?

Please contact sales officer for any such help

What are comp images?

Images that are used for presentation once or for any graph/chart preparation without a watermark and is not used for any financial matter.

What sizes are included for download with subscription plan for an image?

Imagesouk allows you to download all available file sizes. The available download size for each image is showed up/listed on the image details on every page

Does subscription plan expire? How long am I entitled to download from a subscription plan?

Subscription plan expires in an year(every one year) from the date of purchase. All downloads must be accessed/used/downloaded/taken before expiry.

After a subscription plan expires, can I re-download the  images ?

No, your subscription doesn't allow you to re download any image after the expiration, however you're always welcomed to renew subscription.

Does subscription plan have daily download limit?

No. You may download up to the maximum of your image pack allowed in one day.

Can I buy more than one subscription with the same username at a time?

No. You can only have one subscription at a time of the same username with Imagesouk.

Can I extend the duration of my subscription plan beyond 1 year,or if I need more time to download my images?

No. subscription plan expires after 1 year and cannot be extended.